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Article - Boeing’s Coding Summer School to hold in Nairobi this October

Boeing’s Coding Summer School is set to hold in Nairobi this October, making it the first African city to host the international bootcamp aiming to equip future programmers with critical 21st-century coding skills.

The Coding Summer School, is supported by Boeing and run by ThinkYoung, a Brussels-based think tank that focuses on empowering the youth.

Open to kids between 11 years and 16 years, the Nairobi edition, set to take place between 10th October and 14th October, follows successful editions in Belgium and the Netherlands.

“There are millions of vacant jobs in the IT field, some of which pay as much as $7,000 for internship positions, yet there are high levels of unemployment. This boot camp is meant to give students top-notch skills that meet the global demand for skilled labour in the tech industry and thereby give young people opportunities for gainful employment,” said Andrea Gerosa, Founder of ThinkYoung.


This year, in the 7th edition of the school, ThinkYoung is welcoming more than 60 participants and is aiming for 70 per cent of students will be girls, challenging the myth that coding and IT are skills that only interest boys

Students will learn about creating mobile apps, developing a small blog in HTML5, and converting HTML-based games into mobile apps. Kids will work with our partners DroneSix on Micro Drones and Robotics.

Over the past years, the CS has hosted more than 500 students from over 25 countries.

The CS provides students with a unique experience of a school characterised by innovative approaches in a non-formal educational setting, addressing the real needs of both the youth of today and the skills required by the labour market.

It provides an amazing insight into the world of coding and technology. The Coding School will cover a number of different areas, including using HTML to create a blog, mobile app and a video game. Additional activities include working on robotics and micro drones. All interested parties can apply to the program here.

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